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International Admissions

International (F1 Visa) Student Registration

Checkpoint #1

  • LSU Shreveport students are assigned a departmental academic advisor to assist with course selection for the upcoming semester. Academic advisors must clear students prior to class registration each semester. This serves as a checkpoint to assist students as they continue on their degree path.
  • Click HERE for a listing of undergraduate advisors.

Checkpoint #2

  • Once an international (F1 visa) student has been advised and cleared for registration by their advisor, he or she must have their classes added manually by Darlenna Atkins, the SEVIS Designated School Official (DSO). This is another checkpoint to make sure that students are being registered in the correct classes for their immigration status.
  • To add or drop a class, an international (F1 visa) student can send an email with the Course ID and Reference # in the following example format to
    Course ID Reference #
    ACCT 205 13760
  • The classes will be added to the student's schedule and a confirmation email will be sent.
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