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LSUS Professor's Research on Abraham Lincoln Gains National Attention

May 05, 2021

Shreveport, LA-LSUS Professor William D. Pederson penned two newly published articles about Abraham Lincoln that are gaining national attention.

An authority on presidential leadership and the founding Director of the International Lincoln Center at LSUS, Pederson's article, "Abraham Lincoln's International Legacy in 16 Postage Stamps" was featured in a recent edition of The Lincoln Herald, the nation's oldest quarterly journal about Lincoln.

An additional recent article by Pederson, "Abraham Lincoln as Journalist/Author and Poet", was selected as the best article of 2020 that appeared in the JAPOS Bulletin of the Journalists, Authors, and Poets Society. The American Philatelic Society selected the article for its "Articles of Distinction" designation and added it to its list of best articles.

"Nations abroad typically have schools, streets, and even postage stamps honoring him," Pederson said. "Unlike most Lincoln centers in the United States, the International Lincoln Center at LSUS is the only one that has done pioneering work in this area. Most American historians primarily focus on Lincoln's legacy in the United States alone, whereas the LSUS Center explores that on-going legacy abroad."

Pederson's research documented that outside the United States there are a variety of means bearing Lincoln's likeness, including streets and schools. Lincoln was widely known as the Great Emancipator, and the research indicates that it is fairly common to find Lincoln's name being used by businesses and for children to be named after him in other countries.

"The articles confirm Abraham Lincoln's legacy outside the United States as the best known democratic political leader in world history," Pederson added.

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