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July 21, 2015

A young Kindergarten graduate-to-be, Rylan Morris, waited anxiously to be onstage for his highly anticipated promotion to the first grade. His mind kept him occupied as he wondered about the event taking place immediately before his graduation ceremony at Shreve Island Elementary School. Little did he know that the event was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between LSUS Chancellor, Larry Clark, and the Caddo schools Superintendent, Lamar Goree. The proclamation is an agreement to give advanced information and teaching careers to LSUS students in education programs. 

Chancellor Clark decided to show some compassion for Rylan and his schoolmates for their patience in waiting. The Chancellor announced that he would give a $1,000 LSU Shreveport scholarship to the lucky boy or girl who had his or her name pulled from a hat of the graduates’ names.

On the day of the drawing, all of the Kindergarten graduates gathered around to hear who would be the winner of the scholarship. As luck would have it, Rylan’s name was pulled randomly from the hat, but if you were to ask him why he thinks his name was picked from the hat, he says it is because he is awesome.                                  

Exactly two weeks after the graduation ceremony, the young student was awarded the $1,000 scholarship to be used in the future for tuition and fees at LSUS. His parents, Buford and Angie Morris, were given the award on behalf of six-year-old Rylan. 

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