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Champion Debate Team Accepting New Members

August 26, 2020

LSUS Debate Team
LSUS Debate Team

SHREVEPORT, La. – Applications are now available for interested students to join the LSUS Debate Team for its 2020-21 season.

Boasting a variety of awards including national and regional victories, Debate offers students opportunities for growth in professionalism, public speaking, and more. Applicants should have the desire to excel, contribute to a team environment, and learn.

“Debate taught me to be a critical thinker and to challenge my core values and beliefs by looking at multiple sides of an issue,” former debater Megan Arbuckle said. “I gained confidence in public speaking that will continue to help me throughout life. On top of that, debate has provided me with a family and support group that made transferring to LSUS an easy and enjoyable process."

Students are encouraged to be a part of debate because of the opportunities to expand critical skills and exposure to the world.

“Before joining Debate, I was a band-wagon voter,” former debater and national champion Mary Catherin Procell said. “Raised in a small town, I was content going with the flow. Since becoming a debater, not only do I seek unbiased resources, but I passionately make my own decisions. I am now a more educated and active member of society.”

Debate additionally offers experiences that grow curiosity and intuition.

“Debate has changed my life without a doubt,” current debater and team co-captain Ethan Arbuckle said. “Not only has it given me research and presentation skills, but it’s also a community. We work hard to understand and communicate with people we do not agree with, and that understanding is unique.”

For more information on joining the LSUS Debate Team, please contact AJ Edwards at

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