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Despite Budgets Cuts, LSUS Continues to Flourish

January 29, 2013

LSU Shreveport Chancellor, Dr. Paul Sisson, gave a speech to Kiwanis Club members at a January 24, 2013 meeting in Downtown Shreveport. His speech informed members of the growth and developments at LSUS throughout the years.
Each year universities have been faced with additional budget cuts. In previous years, the state of Louisiana relied on the Stelly tax to support its higher education budget. After the tax was repealed in 2008, universities began to suffer from the lack of this funding source. However, LSUS has found ways to utilize their current resources in order to attract more students to their university.
"LSUS is known as the ‘best kept secret in Louisiana,' but we don't want to be kept a secret. We remain a secret because historically we haven't advertised enough," said Dr. Sisson. The university uses very little state funding for advertising purposes. Instead, the LSUS Foundation and the LSUS Alumni Association have worked hard to raise money to put toward this cause as well as towards scholarships for eligible students.
LSUS currently has 25 undergraduate degrees and 13 master's degree programs. The university has recently been developing new degree programs to add to their roster: a Doctor of Education, Master in History, Master of Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media. All of these degree programs reflect the needs of the local community and surrounding region, and all are in the review and approval process.
With the recent collaboration with LSU-Baton Rouge, known as the Commitment Plan, students can earn a degree from LSU-Baton Rouge while attending LSUS. These degrees include petroleum engineering, construction management, and sports administration.
LSUS also offers a dual enrollment program, allowing high school students to receive college credit while in high school. What once started with one high school, the program has expanded its involvement to 21 local high schools. This program also works with home-schooled children who seek college credit prior to graduation.
The university partners with Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization, to help disadvantaged women succeed in the professional workforce. The organization offers business attire, as well as career development tools necessary to succeed.
Dr. Sisson says we can expect to see more budget cuts in the future, but we shouldn't expect the hard economic times to stop LSUS from flourishing.

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