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Dr. Judith Covington receives Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award

January 28, 2015

LSU Shreveport is proud to announce that one of their very own has received the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award. On Sunday, January 11 at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Judith Covington was presented with the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award.

 Each year, the Mathematical Association of America gives the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Awards in order to honor college or university teachers who have been widely recognized as extraordinarily successful and whose teaching effectiveness has been shown to have had influence beyond their own institutions. No more than three college or university teachers are honored with this award each year, and no other recipient of this award has come from the state of Louisiana.  Recipients of the Haimo Award receive $1,000 and a certificate of recognition; recipients must be members of the Association (teaching in the U.S. or Canada).    

Professor Judith Covington is a talented and passionate teacher devoted to mentoring current and future teachers. Her teaching is characterized as well rounded, making use of a healthy balance of traditional and innovative teaching methods. Her students describe her as patient, accessible, dedicated, helpful, and knowledgeable. Her colleagues admire the energy and expertise she brings to the classroom and to the teachers she mentors. Covington's ability to reach and inspire future and current teachers is a special gift.  

Covington has received several large grants to develop teacher preparation programs in Louisiana. In the late 1990s she designed two new innovative courses for future elementary teachers and an intensive summer workshop for middle school teachers. The courses remain a requirement for students in elementary education today. Louisiana State University Shreveport has been recognized by the state of Louisiana for its exceptional preparation of elementary education graduates in mathematics and the sciences. Covington also designed a highly successful inquiry-based college geometry course for pre-service teachers. In 2010 Professor Covington founded the North Louisiana Math Teachers Circle (NLMTC), involving teachers from northern Louisiana in monthly problem-solving sessions. Pre-service and in-service teachers appreciate Covington for fostering a love of problem-solving and a passion for mathematics. Her enthusiasm for mathematics and her dedication to her student is clearly making a difference in her local community.    

Covington has also had an extraordinary impact in teaching at the national level. A member of the first Project Next class, she served on the Project NExT leadership team for almost twenty years, having a direct and profound impact on the professional careers of over 1400 new faculty who are, themselves, shaping mathematics education across the nation. She runs the Project NExT in mathematics education, and she teaches a Project NexT minicourse titled "Preparing Teachers." As her colleagues describe, Covington's knowledge, energy, and ability to work with people make her the perfect role model for teachers of all levels.  

"I am both honored and humbled by this award. I have had the opportunity in my career to have been influenced by many wonderful teachers, starting with my parents, Thomas and Glenda Covington," stated Covington.  Her success in teaching has been recognized at the university, local, and state levels. In 2004 she was awarded the LSU-Shreveport Elmer and Barbara Simon Distinguished TeachingProfessorship, and in 2012 she received both the Champions for Mathematics Education Award from the local National Council of Teachers mathematics affiliate and the Louisiana-Mississippi MAA Section's Distinguished Teaching Award.  

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