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LSU Shreveport 2013 Service Awards

May 08, 2013


The 2013 Service Awards ceremony was held in the University Center Ballroom in order to recognize those employees who have performed important service for the University over the years. The following staff members received awards during that time:

Recognition of Retirees
Cynthia P. Armstrong
Evelyn M. Brazzell
Elias "George" Carroll, III
Dr. David B. Gustavson
Dr. Robert C. Leitz, III
Dr. Vincent Marsala
Dr. Gloria W. Raines
Jackie C. Reed
Eugene A. Romine
Regina L. Starnes
LeAnne L. VanRegenmorter

Ten Years of Service
Pamela A. Abshire
Deloris Wright Agbonkhese
Dr. John L. Fortenberry, Jr.
Susan S. Gutierrez
Ronald A. Howell
Dr. Gary E. Jones
Dr. Mary Margaret Lusk
Dr. Elahe Mahdavian
Stacey M. Martino
Chad McDowell
Kenneth D. Nolley
Dr. Brian A. Salvatore
Laura K. Upshaw
Dr. Deborah N. Williams
Dr. Tara T. Williams-Hart

Fifteen Years of Service
Carl V. Anderson
Paula B. Atkins
Rhonda Failey
Fermand M. Garlington, Jr.
Ronald L. Hooper
Cheryl L. Irvin
Mark E. Ketchum
Eddie R. Thomas
Dr. Timothy P. Winter

Twenty Years of Service
Dr. Judith L. Covington
Dr. Alan D. Gabehart
Jolene M. Long
William W. Peters, Jr.
Dr. Paul D. Sisson
Terry D. Smith

Twenty-Five Years of Service
Dr. Lawanda J. Blakeney
Dr. Terry G. Harris
Mary G. Jarzabek
Shelby C. Keith
Dr. Binshan Lin
Cleatta R. Morris
Dr. Lynn M. Walford

Thirty Years of Service
Dr. Lorraine A. Krajewski
Henry L. Moore
Dr. Harvey W. Rubin

Thirty-Five Years of Service
Dr. Cran Lucas

Forty-Five Years of Service
W. Decker Moore

In Memory
Phyllis B. Graham
Henry B. Harris
Alton T. Hemperley
Thomas A. Moss
Todd Y. Tillman

Special thanks to the LSUS Foundation, whose financial support has made the service awards possible.

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