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LSU Shreveport, Caddo Schools enter into agreement for teacher recruitment

June 23, 2015

LSUS students to gain first-hand teaching experience through Caddo and become eligible for employment with the district upon graduation 

In an effort to expand opportunities to potential educators, LSU Shreveport on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Caddo Parish School Board which will enhance hands-on training and potential employment opportunities for teacher candidates.

The agreement will provide LSU Shreveport students with information regarding employment positions with the district and coordinate an annual meeting opportunity between Caddo Schools’ staff and teacher candidates. In addition, the district will organize student teaching experiences within the school system and offer early employment interviews with Caddo principals for possible recommendation of employment at Caddo Schools. This agreement allows Caddo to seek out and recruit the best candidates for classrooms at an early juncture and foster critical relationships with teachers before they even enter the classroom.

“LSUS is known for producing high-quality teacher candidates and this agreement allows us to work with those candidates at an earlier point in their academic career and show them who we are as a district and how they can work with us for the best interest of our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree. “Recruiting energetic and talented teachers is of the utmost importance for Caddo, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with such a great university right here in our community.”

Annually, the Board of Regents cites LSUS as among the best for producing teachers with the ability to make significant gains in student achievement due to its rigorous coursework and extensive observation and student teaching requirements.      

“We are very excited about this new opportunity for our students and future teachers,” said LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark.  “LSUS considers this to be a model we hope to perfect within Caddo Parish and one day expand to other parishes in North LA.  Caddo Schools will be a wonderful partner and this agreement will help us to put the best and brightest teachers right back into Caddo Parish.”

Students under the program will still be required to complete all teacher licensure requirements as mandated by the Louisiana Department of Education.        

“Over the years, the teacher candidates of LSUS have gained essential real-world experience in Caddo Schools through student teaching; however, this agreement takes it to the next level and expands the great efforts being made between our two institutions,” said Keith Burton, Caddo’s Chief Academic Officer. “Districts today must be creative in finding our best and brightest teacher leaders and this is a wonderful and exciting opportunity.”

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