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LSUS Adult Education Counselor/Advisor Training Courses Address Worldwide Need

January 10, 2020

Shreveport, LA- The LSUS College of Education and Human Sciences announces a collaboration with Fort Polk military base to create a 24-hour series of courses in adult education counseling and advising at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for military personnel and federal employees - the first of its kind in the southeastern region of the United States.

The curriculum runs on a 7-week semester and is 100% online, with the practicum being approximately 15 weeks long.  The training provides hands-on counseling and advising experience, along with providing the students with a mentor. Applicants can register for these courses in spring 2020.

The Adult Education Counselor/Advisor Training was conceived after a meeting between Dr. Tracey Burrell and Dr. Cay Evans of the College of Education and Human Sciences and Chevina Phillips, the Director of the Education Center at Fort Polk. They originally met to discuss LSUS’s new military-centric program, TeachLSUS Command, a 100% online 18-month certificate-only program for active, separated, and retired military personnel who are interested in teaching at the middle or high school level. However, during the meeting, a new issue was brought to their attention.

Due to recent changes by the federal government, counselors and education advisors who assist the military are now required to take a total of 24-hours of courses, which includes a practicum in adult education and counseling. These changes, along with a large percentage of the current roster of counselors being close to or at retirement age, have created the risk of a significant knowledge gap for these Education Centers.

“If these counselors were to retire, [Fort Polk] would not be able to replace them right away,” said Dr. Evans. Our overall goal was to design a program to meet the needs of future education counselors of this capacity for bases all over the world. This gave faculty and professors in the college an opportunity to collaborate and become involved in this landmark credentialing training.” Students from different locations will have the ability to select which courses they need depending on their state or base’s requirements, giving counselors the flexibility to utilize the program in a way that is tailored to their needs.  

“I think our commitment to education, in general, is what led to this program. It helped us to think outside of the box a little bit; to be creative and innovative while also solving a potential worldwide crisis,” said Dr. Burrell. “LSU Shreveport strives to be a military-friendly-campus, and this Adult Education Counselor/Advisor Training is another facet in LSUS’s efforts of being military-minded.” The university understands that being military-friendly does not just mean in the classroom, and it opened the Veterans Resource Center to provide direct assistance to military students on campus in 2019.

Once Fort Polk attained military headquarters approval for the curriculum that LSUS created, students from around the world began expressing interest in this program. Dr. Evans and Dr. Burrell have already been contacted by potential students from Germany to South Korea, in addition to those stationed in the United States.

For more information about the Adult Education Counselor/Advisor Training, contact Dr. Cay  Evans at 318-797-5034 or or Dr. Tracey Burrell at 318-797-5100 or

For more information on the College of Education and Human Sciences, visit the College of Education and Human Development.

For more information on the Education Center at Fort Polk, call (337) 531-5269 or visit the Fort Polk Webside.


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