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LSUS attends Louisiana Biomedical Research Network's Annual Symposium

LSUS faculty members and students from the departments of chemistry and biology attended the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network (LBRN) annual symposium in Baton Rouge, LA. The event took place form January 30 to February 1st, providing a platform for faculty and students to share their research findings and initiate collaboration and partnerships with other academic entities across the state of Louisiana. 
Dr. Elahe Mahdavian and Dr. Tara Williams-Hart presented their recent research progress in the field of drug discovery for treatment of human cancer using novel therpeutic compounds based on Fusarochromanone. In addition, Dr. William Yu gave a talk about his research on Biosensors based on metal surface plasmon enhanced.      

  • Anthony Blankenship and Farhad Efatian : Use of in-silio analysis in target profiling of Fusarochromanone: virtual docking on proteins in MAPK/AKT pathways.  
  • Peyton Rachal:  Chemical synthesis of Fusarochromanone and analogs, Target identification using the photoaffinity labeling approach.   
  • Ryan Grant: Regioselectivity of chromanones towards the electrophilic aromatic nitration reactions.
  • Brandon Hudgens: Synthesis of a Fusarochromanone analog based on Kynurenine.    
  • Samantha Johnson and Laura Russell: Target Identification of Fusarochromanone using DARTS approach.      
  • Mansoureh Barzegar: Pathway Screening on the Cancer cell Phenotypic Response to Fusarochromanone.  "Seeing the level of collaboration between local scientists really displayed the communal spirit that is at the core of science," said Ryan Grant, an LSUS undergraduate student in Biochemistry.  "I learned a lot at this conference, and I feel as though the conference is a valuable lesson for anyone considering research."

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