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LSUS Professor Finds Unique Way to Give Back

March 09, 2015

One of LSUS' own has written 3 college level math books with another one on the way. Dr. Paul Sisson started working at LSUS in 1993 and is currently the Dean of Graduate Studies, Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Research, as well as a Professor of Mathematics. In addition to these responsibilities, Sisson decided to start writing his first math book titled, College Algebra, in 2001. The book was released in 2003 by the Hawkes Learning Systems/Quant Systems, Inc. located in Charleston, SC.

Shortly after, Sisson released his second book, PreCalculus, while just 4 years later he produced his third book titled, College Algebra: A Concise Approach. His first three textbooks are currently being used at 180 campuses around the country including LSUS. Sisson previously had a connection with Hawkes Learning Systems after having helped them with a few software issues in the past. He explained that Hawkes has a sales team of about 20 employees who helped market his books throughout the country.

Most all College Algebra and PreCalculus classes at LSUS are using Sisson's books. However, until the first official texts were printed and ready to be distributed, copies were made available to LSUS students at no charge.

LSUS Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Rick Mabry, said, "I've used all of Dr. Sisson's books in the classroom for many years now. Overall the texts are very nice balances of the basics, along with some views toward more intricate and sophisticated topics, without being heavy or over the heads of the intended readers. For the instructor who wants a text that is mostly traditional but still forward-looking, these texts are just right."

Sisson says that he never wanted LSUS students to feel like he was making money from their purchase of his books. He resolved the issue by coordinating a deal with the publisher and the LSUS Foundation to send any royalty payments straight to the math lab at LSUS. Now, students who use the math lab are provided with more sophisticated materials, and it gives Dr. Sisson a unique way to give back. His books have helped students all over the country, and our students right here at LSUS can say that in more ways than one.

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