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LSUS Ranks as Top Affordable Accredited Criminal Justice Degree Program

September 29, 2014

It is one thing to obtain a degree from an accredited institution. It is a bonus to earn an accredited degree at a reasonable price. According to the website "Top Criminal Justice Degrees," LSUS provides the most affordable accredited Criminal Justice degree program in America. LSUS ranks above well-known schools from Arizona State University to Southern University A&M. "Our job is to prepare students in a field that requires them to understand, investigate, and prevent crimes, as well as, how to treat victims and criminals accordingly," states Dr. Chris Hale, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Program Director. "This is great news and I am truly excited for our students, faculty, department, and program."

  But what makes the LSUS program different from other C.J. programs? Besides the concentrations in forensics science and political science, the dedicated staff teaches courses ranging from cybercrime, terrorism and homeland security. The C.J. staff plans to create a Homeland Security concentration in the near future. In addition, past students have been given the opportunity to present research at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, an International criminal justice organization.  

With the growing need of protection from cybercrimes and attacks from inside and outside the United States, the need for quality candidates for law enforcement and government positions will be on the rise. This will attract students wanting to obtain a Criminal Justice degree at an affordable and accredited school, and LSUS has stepped in to make sure that this need is met in the Shreveport-Bossier community. "Our Criminal Justice Department has done a superb job in teaching our future leaders in law enforcement," states LSUS Chancellor Larry Clark.  "Students gaining a degree in Criminal Justice will expand their options for careers in the local, state and federal level." These include law enforcement agencies, private investigation, homeland security and computer forensics.             

Be sure to check out the LSUS website to learn more about the Criminal Justice program and what it has to offer at     Louisiana State University in Shreveport is a public university proudly serving the Shreveport-Bossier educational community with more than 20 undergraduate degree programs, a dozen master's degree programs (including the new online MBA), and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership Studies, as well as over 70 student organizations.  LSUS is a member of the LSU System, and provides a number of centers and institutes that serve as valuable economic development and educational resources to the community, as well as to our students. To find out more about LSUS, call 318-797-5000, or visit 

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