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LSUS to hold 2015 Academic Award Convocation

April 27, 2015

This year's Academic Award Convocation is set for 11:00am on Friday, May 01, 2015. At the convocation, we recognize a single outstanding student in each of our majors and in many concentrations for excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and commitment. All are invited and welcome to attend this academic celebration in support of our fantastic students as they have worked numerous hours for their accomplishments.

The Chancellor's List award is given to those who made the list both Spring 2014 & Fall 2014 semesters.  The following students will receive this award:
Oluwatoyin Adegboyega, Taira Anderson, Hannah Arkless, Alessa Ash, Allyssa Baumeister, Christine Bias, Ryan Billeaudeaux, Ethan Branch, Heather Buford, Brandon Bufton, Malvya Chintakindi, Christina Collins, Samuel Crooks, Autumn Cuddy, Sara Derby, Hannah Fitts, Amelia Gandy, Christian Gaude, Abby Genka, Angela Gideons, Ryan Grant, Elizabeth Green, Piper Griffis, Sarah Guidry, Nathan Haiduk, Eva Hall, Hannah Harris, Ola Harris, Theresa Hernandez, Natalie Hirsch, Hannah Hough, Charles Hubley, Sheila Humphries, Ashley Ince, Hannah Ingerson, Elizabeth Kemp, Ghazaleh Keyvan, Andrew Lace ,Garrett Lambert, Danielle Landry, Amy Lemons, Charles McDowell, Jacob McDowell, Rachel McGee, Hannah McKay, Lauren Moody, Natalia Muller, Niccolo Mundell, Marissa Murphy, Ashton Nance, Connor Page, Kathryn Palczynski, Shelbi Parker, Logan Parkerson, Jared Perkins, Haley Pooser, Aliya Rafikova, Lance Rich, James Robinson, Sarah Scholten, Barri Silman, Cory Singletary, Kevin Smith, Madelyn Snead, Emily Sojourner, Elisabeth Sorrell, Kelsey Spataro, Julia Taylor, Duy Tran, Trinh Tran, Matias Vargas, Richard Wardlaw, Sarah Welsh, Kaitlyn Worrell, Emily Wright, Lucian Xenos, and Qurratulain Yousuf.

The following students are recipients of the University Award, which goes to one student from each program. These students were nominated by faculty for excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and commitment:
Humanities and Social Sciences:
Sarah Welsh, Criminal Justice
Daniel Gordy, English
Cortney Bates, Digital Arts - Graphic Design
Sarah Scholten, Fine Arts - Animation & Visual Effects
Natasha Regard, Fine Arts - Graphic Design
Galen Light, General Studies
Kaylynn Henry, Mass Communication - Electronic Media Journalism
Kirsten Howard, Mass Communication - Public Relations
Emily Wright, Mass Communication - Theatre
Sherman Houston, Jr., Social Sciences - History
Elizabeth Kemp, Social Sciences - Political Science
Tayler Fulco, Social Sciences - Sociology
Rachel Wilson, Master of Arts in Liberal Arts
Deanna Smith, Master of Science in Nonprofit Administration

Mathematics and Sciences:
Sarah McCann, Biological Sciences
Jane Busher, Chemistry
Anthony Blankenship, Jr, Chemistry - Biochemistry
Rustin Holbert, Computer Science - Animation & Visual Effects
Zachary Cates, Computer Science - Information Systems
Jordan Neal, Computer Science - Network Security
Ashley Coker, Computer Science - Software Development
Matias Vargas, Math and Physics - Math
Samantha Johnson, Master of Science in Biological Sciences
Silas Okoh, Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology

Jenny Pierson, Accounting
Oluwatoyin Adegboyega, Finance - Financial Analysis
Jennifer Stratton, Finance - Financial Services
Charles McDowell, General Business Administration
Andrew Lace, II, Management & Administration
Alessa Ash, Marketing
Matthew Kingham, Master of Business Administration
Kathleen Hegarty, Master of Health Administration

Iva Austin, Early Childhood Education - Grades PK-3
Hannah Arkless, Elementary Education - Grades 1-5
Katie Shelby, Secondary Education
Trevis Allen, Master of Education

Human Sciences:
Julia Taylor, Community Health
Ashton Nance, Psychology
Robyn Malmsten, Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
Seiichiro Takei, Master of Science in Kinesiology & Wellness
Madeline Fechter, Master of Public Health
Jesse Johnson, Specialist in School Psychology

The following student is being recognized for her academic achievement in completing the LSUS Honors Program Curriculum: Tyra Brown.

We are undoubtedly proud of those who have worked diligently to achieve these awards. All students and staff are encouraged to attend as we salute the loyal, hard-working students at LSUS.

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