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New First Generation Scholarship Established on the Heels of the New Chancellor Appointment

March 05, 2014

Shreveport, Louisiana – Michael Woods made a gift of $60,000 in order to establish the Michael H. Woods Family First Generation Scholarship.

On Thursday, February 27th, the LSU system president, Dr. F. King Alexander, announced the appointment of Larry Clark to the LSUS Chancellor position. In an effort to show community support, Michael Woods, President of Woods Operating Company, made a charitable donation of $60,000 to establish the Michael H. Woods Family First Generation Scholarship. This is the second scholarship of its kind Woods has funded at LSUS.

“Education, specifically higher education, is a commitment I have made for my charitable dollars. My father was a first generation college student; my mother, one of four girls, couldn’t even afford to get a college degree. It is important to us, and my family knows first-hand the impact a degree can have on someone,” said Woods, a 1975 graduate of LSUS. He continued his academic career with a B.B.A in 1977 from Oklahoma University, graduated from LSU Law Center in 1980 and earned a master’s in environmental science from LSU in Baton Rouge in 1999.

Though Clark will not assume the chancellor position until July 1, he had this to say about Woods’ establishment of the scholarship, “We are so appreciative of the Woods family for this gift, and for their commitment to LSUS.  A first-generation scholarship is particularly impactful because the recipient is typically a student who may not otherwise have the college opportunity.”

The First Generation Scholarship is one that is matched by the Board of Regents with $40,000 when a donor provides a private gift of $60,000 for a total of fund of $100,000.  The $100,000 becomes the endowed principal and earned interests provide scholarships to students who are the first in their families to attend college.

Laura Perdue, LSUS Foundation executive director said, “Mike’s gesture in establishing a second First Generation Scholarship is really at the heart of Foundation’s purpose. We are working on spreading the $1,000,000 secret which is the fact that, on average, $1,100,000 is the difference in earnings between a high school graduate and a college graduate.  We want people to know this and how cost-effective LSUS is for getting that life-changing degree. Mike’s gift is one that will literally make someone’s American dream a reality.”

The LSUS Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose sole mission is to foster private support for Louisiana State University in Shreveport, manage investments, and serve as trustee for funds and other contributed assets for the benefit of the University.

Contact: Laura Perdue, LSUS Foundation Executive Director
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