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New Honors Program at LSUS

September 13, 2012

Wearing togas and big grins, the freshmen of the new Humanities and Social Science Honors Program at LSU Shreveport reported for their first seminar on Tuesday, August 20.

"We are so pleased to offer this new humanities-based curriculum to incoming freshmen," said Dr. Linda Webster, program coordinator.  "It's thoroughly interdisciplinary and relies on a large team of faculty who teach modules with a mix of media."

The Program can accommodate up to fifteen students who qualify for the Louisiana, Red River, or Shreveport scholarships and is designed to lead to an academic minor through 18 hours of progressive colloquia. In addition, students are provided with exclusive extra-curricular programming options including a weekly movie night, a dedicated lounge, additional advising support, and special events.

"This nontraditional approach to higher education is very appealing to students who are already well into their college studies by the time they enroll as freshmen," added Webster.  "They've mastered the basics so we want to provide opportunities for critical and creative thinking as well as exposure to other cultures and disciplines."

The colloquia are designed to substitute for general education courses over the first two years.  As upperclassmen, students will engage in research-based activities with mentors in their major fields and write a senior thesis in their final semester.

For more information contact Dr. Linda Webster at (318) 797-5376 or

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