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Pete the Pilot Graduates

April 27, 2015

After many years of dedicated service to LSUS the time has come for our very own Pete the Pilot to graduate. Pete worked as a riverboat pilot, and on his off time he spent his days promoting and enhancing school spirit and student engagement at LSUS. He was known for making appearances at different athletic events, campus preview days, various student or alumni events, commencements, K-12 school functions, and even local parades. The enthusiastic Pelican even had his very own Facebook page, and would often write letters to LSUS students about upcoming campus activities. The LSUS family is proud to see Pete graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Science. He will now be working at the Red River Watershed Management Institute surveying the Red River. The Red River Education and Research Park, a 585 acre "living laboratory" adjacent to the LSUS campus and fronting directly on the Red River is jointly managed by LSUS and the City of Shreveport. This urban park, adjacent to the LSUS campus encompasses an oxbow lake that floods seasonally and therefore offers unparalleled opportunities for environmental studies of floodplain wetland areas. The proximity of the Park to the LSUS campus, less than mile away, provides the ultimate living laboratory for education and research in a wetland, and on the Red River. So make sure to keep an eye out for Pete as he won't be too far away!

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