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August 07, 2015

The Rotary Club recently hosted a Golf Tournament fundraiser at the Crooked Hollow Golf Club in Greenwood, LA with the help from the Lady Pilots at LSUS.

The Rotary Club President, John Albritton, said the fundraiser was for an LSU Shreveport scholarship from the Education department.

“The Education department selects a candidate for the $5,000 scholarship based on financial need and academic status,” Albritton said. “This scholarship is for any student at LSUS, it is not limited to Rotary Club members.”

The Rotary Club hosts fundraisers yearly for the LSUS scholarship and for other schools and organizations. Some of the events include a jambalaya fundraiser at Southwood High School, a Southern Hills teacher appreciation event, and the Caddo Career Center fundraiser. A Christmas community event featured the Rotary Club giving gifts to 90 children in the local area who were financially needy.

Albritton said this was the eighth year to host the Golf Tournament. There were 24 players competing in the scramble game for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize awards.

Head Coach Valerie Huizar and coaching staff member Christy Willis of the LSUS women’s basketball team, along with players Kandra Gasaway and Myeisha Williams, were grateful for the opportunity to support the Rotary Club and the local area.

“The team helped in the fundraiser because it is a great way to serve the community, specifically the Rotary Club,” Huizar said. “It is also a great opportunity to represent our team and the university as a whole in a positive way.” 

The coaches and players helped at the fundraising event by supplying water and snacks to those who participated in the golf tournament.

“This was a great opportunity to show that LSU Shreveport has not only good athletes, but servant leaders as well. We want to be involved in the community to generate more support and excitement for our program this year,” Huizar said.

 There are currently 22 members in the Rotary Club. The club reaches out to the community and hosts fundraising events to help financially with schools, individuals, and organizations/institutions.

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