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TeachLSUS Seeks Candidates Ready to Inspire Children

February 14, 2012
In an effort to increase the number of certified teachers in the community's classrooms, TeachLSUS continues recruitment for secondary education (grades 6-12) high-need areas: math, biology, chemistry and physics. The TeachLSUS goal is to prepare candidates for fulfilling careers as professional educators.

The TeachLSUS alternative certification program is designed for individuals who do not have a background in education. However, a bachelor's degree and a 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA are the minimum eligibility requirements for the program.

Participants selected for the TeachLSUS program can pursue certification in elementary education (grades 1-5) or secondary education (grades 6-12) in math, biology, chemistry, English, physics and social studies. TeachLSUS applicants should be prepared to begin their certification coursework in summer 2012. Upon completion of two curriculum related courses, candidates are eligible to be hired as fulltime classroom teachers, earning a starting teacher's salary and benefits, while pursuing certification. Throughout the program, participants have access to a network of ongoing support from the LSUS faculty to help the participants promote student achievement in their classrooms.

The application deadline for summer 2012 is March 12, 2012. All interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications early. Detailed information can be found at


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