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The Shape of Shreveport Documentary Series

May 13, 2015

June 4, is the premier of the first four 15-minute segments of "The Shape of Shreveport," a documentary series on Shreveport history. The series will feature LSUS Professors Cheryl White & Gary Joiner. In addition, most of the research was done in LSUS Archives and many of the featured photographs and documents that you will see come from our Archives. 

These first four episodes that will be debuted will cover topics like Shreveport's namesake Henry Shreve, the 1873 Yellow Fever epidemic, Elvis and Martin Luther King's impact on Shreveport and the economic impact of the Wallace Lake plane crash/Oil and Gas Crash.  More episodes will be released every few months at various iconic Shreveport/Bossier venues. The episodes will be followed by a special panel of historians and experts taking questions about Shreveport's great history and vitality.

LSUS Archives is proud to be a part of this documentary project and to support The Strand. The audience is sure to come away knowing something new about Shreveport!

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