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US team with LSUS students defeat University of Edinburgh

March 09, 2015

(Edinburgh, Scotland) The United States debate team got off to a strong start defeating the University of Edinburgh with a 4-2 victory.  LSU Shreveport debaters, Madelyn Snead, Colby Walker, and Elizabeth Kemp were chosen to start and all played crucial roles in the first victory.

 In the British Parliamentary style, four sets of two-person teams face off under one topic with both Edinburgh and the US having an affirmative (proposition) and negative (opposition). The debates began with the University of Edinburgh winning the toss and electing to have the first and last speeches.  LSUS coach Trey Gibson explained, "We debate at the corners which means in this case the US team had the first opposition speeches and the second proposition speeches."  Scoring the debaters were four judges who had to agree by consensus who the first, second, third and fourth teams were.  Each team receives points for their finish in the round.

The topic of the debate was "This house believes that military intervention by the west to confront ISIS/ISIL is justified." LSUS' Elizabeth Kemp and Madelyn Snead opened up the Montgomery Cup for the US by being the first opposition earning 1 point for the US team and successfully eliminating the first proposition team represented by Edinburgh. Colby Walker and Matt Gilmore of Central Missouri closed the debate for the US by being the second proposition. Their position was so close that adjudicators met for 30 minutes before agreeing to award them first in the debate earning the US squad another 3 points.

The US team will face the University of Heriot-Watt next tomorrow night in Edinburgh at 7:00 pm (or 2 pm Shreveport time).  The topic will be the same and the US will likely rotate squad members.  

After this debate, the US squad travels to Durham, England to face the Durham University.  Then, it travels to St. Andrews to face the oldest debate union in the world in the Lower Parliament Hall where the Scottish Parliament debated affairs in the 1600s.  From there, the team will travel to Glasgow, Stirling, and London to debate. 

For more information, contact Brooke Rinaudo

Photo:  the US Team taking a selfie at the Castle of Edinburgh. (LSUS students in photo: Madelyn Snead and Colby Walker)

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