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Tuition and Fees Schedules

Viewing Your Tuition and Fees

Viewing Your Tuition & Fees

Note: If you have been awarded financial aid please see APPLYING YOUR FINANCIAL AID.

Complete the following steps to view your tuition tuition and fees and any balance that you owe.

Students can view their tuition and fees by completing the following steps:

  • Log on on to COMPASS using your student ID and password
  • Click on "Registration"
  • Click on "Tuition and Fees"
  • Select the appropriate term
  • Your schedule for the term is displayed
  • Scroll down to view your tuition and fees

If you owe a balance (financial aid is less than your tuition and fees) make arrangements with Accounting Services to pay balance.

If your financial aid is greater than you tuition and fees you will receive a credit balance check when the funds have been received from their source.

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