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Human Resource Management

Department Chair


Hiring New Adjuncts

Department Chair responsibilities before the new adjunct begins work:

·      Make sure that the new adjunct requests an applicable official transcript(s) to be sent directly from the university to Human Resources.  Transcripts cannot have a stamp with “issued to student.”

·      Department Chair should complete a pre-hire form. The form is located at: Turn the completed form into HR.

o   Upon receipt of the pre-hire form, HR will generate a PID number and submit a work order to IT Services to generate a LSUS email account and Moodle access.

o   The email address will be sent to the Chair from IT Services. The Chair is responsible for sending log on information to the new adjunct.

o   Please make sure that the adjunct is able to check email and log on to Moodle. The Chair should contact the Director of Online Learning with Moodle issues.

·      The Department Chair should complete an offer letter. The template is located on the G drive / Academic Affairs / Form letters. Please use the dates provided by Academic Affairs. Adjunct compensation should follow PS 2.33 Faculty compensation guidelines.

·      The Department Chair should also complete a new faculty credential form. The form is located on the G drive / Academic Affairs / forms / Faculty Certification of Credentials. Attach the completed form to the offer letter.

·      Confirm that HR has received the official transcript(s).

·      Notify HR if the employee is a remote employee. HR will need to send special I-9 instructions to the supervisor and employee.

Other Department Chair responsibilities:

·      If necessary, the Department Chair should contact IT Services for a phone extension and any necessary additional computer set up. Go to and submit a work order.

·      Make sure to have the employee sign the offer letter. Retain a copy for departmental files, copy to Academic Affairs, and the original should be sent to HR.

·      Manager should promptly review/approve any costing allocations or transactions for the new hire in Workday. The employee will not be able to onboard in Workday until this is completed.

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