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Human Resource Management

Food Drive

Food bank

The Department of Human Resources hosts an annual food drive as a LSUS service project.  The dates of the food drive this year are October 1, 2020 - November 15, 2020. The food drive will "look a little different this year." We will host a virtual food drive this year only.  This year is particularly important as so many people in our community are in need this year. Monetary donations are very helpful to the NWLA Food Bank as they have great buying power and can purchase a much larger quantity of food items with each dollar donated than what individuals can purchase in a retail store. We will resume our regular "canned" food drive next year.

The NWLA Food Bank has many programs that help so many people in our community including: Food and Emergency Distribution, Kids Café, Backpack Program, Summer Food Service Program, Senior Program, Mobile Pantry, School Food Pantry and the K.I.D.S. Program. LSUS employees and students donated over 7820 pounds of food last year (our goal was 5,500 pounds). Please take a moment to look at some of the pictures from the drive last year. This is truly a team effort across campus.  2019 Food Drive Pictures

The LSUS Food Pantry opened up on campus a couple of years ago. We were able to set up an agreement with the NWLA Food Bank where we donate 80% of total food items collected to the NWLA Food Bank and bring back 20% of food items collected to the LSUS Food Pantry. This agreement is in place for collected food items only and not monetary donations. Please note that all donations will go to the NWLA Food Bank this year only.  Employees can still donate directly to the LSUS Food Pantry to continue to support our students.

Please make sure to "comment" and include the name of your building or indicate if you are a retiree or a remote worker.

We host a building competition during the food drive and will still host the building competition this year.


The participation around campus has been amazing. The top three finishers last year were: Business Education Building, Administration and Bronson Hall. For those of you who are new to campus: the drive can get a little competitive but all in the spirit of helping our community, LSUS students and of course some bragging rights!  We have "rotating" prizes up for grabs again this year. The top three buildings receive one of the following awards for the year: Golden Can Award (top award), the Food Drive Star and the Spirit stick.

Please remember to tell your students! Last year the faculty and staff did a great job of involving students and the various student organizations.  

Thank you for helping LSUS Support our community!



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