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Information Technology Services


LSUS Information Technology Services provides a wide variety of services to the faculty, staff, and students. These services can be grouped into several broad categories:

User Support
Information Technology Services installs and repairs PCs and Macintosh computers. This can include installing operating systems, application software, Internet software, and computer hardware. Please use the Information Technology Services web form on this site or email when requesting services.

E-mail Accounts
Faculty, Staff and Students can request E-mail accounts from Information Technology Services. Faculty must have their Dean or Chair send an email to Information Technology Services containing their name and PID. Staff must follow the same procedure, having their supervisor send an email containing their name and PID. All currently enrolled students are automatically given an e-mail account upon enrollment. The student's email account is not created until two days before class begins.

Test Scoring
Faculty can drop off Exam System IITM forms to be graded by Information Technology Services. The student scores will be printed and returned along with statistical information about the scores. Click here for instructions on the correct procedure for submitting test.

Applications Support
Information Technology Services writes, maintains and runs many programs critical to LSUS. These programs, which include student registration, financial aid, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, assist Student Affairs, Business Affairs, and Academic Affairs to electronically accomplish important business tasks.

Information Technology Services maintains the campus course management package known as Moodle. Moodle provides faculty and students with ways to communicate outside of the classroom and to exchange documents and other course information.

Information Technology Services provides the ability for students to register, add, drop, pay fees, apply financial aid to tuition and fees, check grades, request transcripts and change certain demographic data online via our Student Web Services site MyLSUS. We hope to continue enhancing the online capabilities available to our students, faculty, and staff.

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