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Media & Public Relations


The Office of Media and Public Relations is responsible for the LSU Shreveport campus communications functions, including media relations, web, social media and marketing.

Submitting requests through the Department of Media and Public Relations (M&PR)

If you have submissions of any nature, you should fill out a Media Request Form online at by noon on Friday. All submissions will be sent out on the following Monday in ONE broadcast e-mail, ("LSUS News and Notes") which will be maintained by the Office of Media and Public Relations. In addition, the requestor will have the option in the form to request social media coverage, press releases, media coverage outside of LSUS, and coverage on the official LSUS calendar. The requestor will also have the option to submit information early in order to receive more coverage. (In these instances, the submission will appear in the most appropriate version of "LSUS News and Notes" as decided by the Office of M&PR.)
To provide accurate and timely information to LSUS faculty, staff and students, as well as the mass media, it is essential that LSUS maintain a centralized news effort so there is an organized flow of information consistent in style, quality, and content. All requests must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Requests must be from a LSU Shreveport department or office, a registered student organization or other LSU Shreveport affiliated program and will be accepted only from LSU Shreveport faculty, staff and students with email addresses ending in
  • The content of all submissions must be directly related to the university and must not contain commercial advertising, solicitation or religious or political editorials, or events not pertaining to LSU Shreveport.
  • Submitted content will be reviewed within 72 hours (excluding weekends). Coverage request for events (where a M&PR presences is necessary) must be submitted two weeks prior to the event. M&PR encourages you to submit content as soon as it comes available to you for maximum promotion.
  • All submitted information must provide full details to enable M&PR staff to develop the appropriate distribution.
  • Approved news will be edited as necessary and posted to the LSU Shreveport website and/or sent out as a news release at the discretion of M&PR.
  • M&PR will edit approved news for accuracy, brevity, clarity and suitability. If a submission is better suited to a different communication vehicle, M&PR will communicate that with the submitter. Items that are incomplete or inaccurate or do not meet guidelines will be e-mailed back to the submitter with an explanation. Submitters are encouraged to make necessary changes and resubmit the item. The university reserves the right to review, suspend or deny announcement requests for any reason.
  • Anyone submitting more than (7) calendar events per year will be required to submit these calendar entries through the LSUS Content Management System, but should continue to use the media request form for any additional requests or promotions.
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