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Strategy Alternatives Consortium


The Strategy Alternatives Consortium (SAC) has been developed to advance national policies, plans, strategies, programs (resources), and professionals to enable strategic alternatives development. It is an initiative to support the U.S. Air Force (USAF) through a national network of academic institutions, think tanks, historical organizations, and professional associations. The Consortium was conceived by Lt. Gen. (USAF, retired) Robert J. "Bob" Elder Jr. SAC's primary goal is to convey the unique value of USAF capabilities in providing strategy alternatives to national leadership (political level) and joint force commanders (military level) in achieving national security objectives and global interests.

In August 2015, LSU Shreveport established the Strategy Alternatives Consortium at LSUS (SAC-LSUS), headed by Director, Dr. Gary D. Joiner and Assistant Director, Ashley Dean. The consortium includes nine professors representing multiple academic disciplines. SAC-LSUS examines strategic issues and events across time and regions, offers analysis and educational materials, defines historic and strategic outcomes, and identifies alternative solutions to world issues. SAC-LSUS is the focal point in collecting, synthesizing, and archiving data. The unit also acts as a single point of contact for information, inquiries, and requests for information from the Strategic Alternatives Consortium collaboration network (as entities in other academic institutions are added), public and news media. This includes being the one-stop distribution point for Strategic Alternatives Center papers, presentations, and other materials as appropriate.

SAC-LSUS serves to further the mission of the United States Air Force Global Strike Command. The Center provides a multi-disciplinary approach to strategic issues faced by the United States Air Force and Department of Defense. The central mission of the Center is to examine issues brought forth in direct contact with Air Force and Department of Defense officials and provide in-depth analysis of emerging issues. LSUS’s close proximity to Barksdale Air Force Base provides close ties with base personnel and leadership.

The SAC-LSUS’s goals are: (1) Identify and analyze major strategic events or processes, (2) Provide results to agencies or clients, (3) Deploy the results in publications, symposia, and conferences to the public, and (4) Educate leaders, professionals, students and the public.

Past Events

Operation SENIOR SURPRISE 25th Anniversary Symposium, LSU-Shreveport, January 16, 2016

Deterrence Symposium, LSU-Shreveport, March 25, 2016

9/11 15-Year Memorial Symposium, LSU-Shreveport, September 10, 2016

Operation LINEBACKER II 45th Anniversary Symposium, December 2, 2017

Future Events

Operation SENIOR SURPRISE Educational Event, BAFB, January 25, 2019

Deterrence in Europe: Berlin Airlift Symposium, BAFB, May 2019

AFGSC Symposium Support Event, Shreveport Convention Center, November 2019

SAC-LSUS White PapersOperation LINEBACKER II: Individual Chapter EssaysProjects and Educational Materials
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